Graduation year

2021 / 2022


Hehenberger Bau GMBH


Schüler Pühringer Michael

Pühringer Michael

Schüler Wöss Sandra

Wöss Sandra

Schüler Siegl Maximilian

Siegl Maximilian

Schüler Wiesinger Johannes

Wiesinger Johannes

Supervising tutors

Wurm Johannes

Wurm Johannes

Project description

  • Problem: Reinforcing steel is essential for stable and safe concrete constructions. The main goal of the reinforcing steelbar manipulator is to pull rebars into the hall and cut them to the right length.
  • Given situation: The 18 m long rebars have been pulled into the hall by hand. One or two employees are needed to pull the rebars through the cutting machine into the hall. The bars are stored on concrete blocks – not sorted by type – in front of the hall. A measuring tape is stuck in an U-profile, which the employee can use to take the measurement. Afterwards, the worker can transport the cut bars away by hall crane or manually.


  • Large intermediate storage made of concrete & I-beams, thus the company is more independent of the market
  • Movable storage transports bars to the cutting machine so that no truck crane is needed
  • Manual setting of the dimension to be cut off by stopper
  • Pulling in of the bars by chain drive & driver to the desired length
  • Shearing of the bars
  • Deposit of the bars in a small intermediate storage in the hall => transport by hall crane