Graduation year

2020 / 2021


Internorm Bauelemente GmbH



Hartl Christian


Naderhirn Jakob


Oberngruber David


Peer Markus

Supervising tutors

Thomas Stockinger klein

Stockinger Thomas

Project description

Problem: The different seals for the window frames are automatically fed directly from the roll. Since the seals are ordered by roller, there is a beginning and an end of the seal. In order to keep the fully automated machine running, the end of the first roll must be connected to the beginning of the second roller.

Initial situation:  The retracting of the seal is automated, including a detection that stops when the sealing roller ends. In such a case, a worker is currently hand-connecting the seals. Here, both welding by heating mirror and gluing by second glue is a used variant. At the beginning, the sealing ends are cut off in both versions to ensure an optimal connection. When welding the seals, the sealing ends are brought to melting temperature, then held together and connected to them. During gluing, the intersections are wetted with second glue, then pressed together and thus connected. After that, the fully automated process can be continued.

Specifications of the Internorm:

    • Operation:
      • Clamping of both sealing ends by the worker
      • Automatic process without worker follows
      • Straight cutting of the sealing ends
      • Connecting the seals – gluing or welding possible
      • After connecting the sealing → workers remove the endless seal
    • Best quality at a small price
    • Use of standard parts from well-known manufacturers
    • Any type of connection (gluing, welding, ev. vulcanizing)
    • Prototype (if the specifications are met, several machines are manufactured)