Graduation year

2020 / 2021


Internorm Bauelemente GmbH



Moser Alexander


Sommer Raphael Ramon

Supervising tutors

Thomas Stockinger klein

Stockinger Thomas

Project description

Customer: The company Internorm is a well-known producer of doors and windows. There are several locations of Internorm through Austria and one of them is located in Sarleinsbach 4152. At this factory the production of plastic windows and insulating glass takes place. One part of this production is the usage of window sealings. Those window sealings are delivered in huge cardboard boxes and then they have to be wound up on special spools. Moreover, these sealing spools are used for various machines and because of that it happens that one spool has to be wound up left and the other one right.

Goal: The company “Internorm” approached us with the request to construct and realise an innovative rewinding machine. On the one hand the machine should wind up window sealings from a full spool onto an empty spool, so that the sealing is wound up 180° turned. On the other hand, the sealing should be wound up from a whole carboard onto an empty spool. Until now that process is done by handcraft through a crank, which wastes a lot of time and the employees are under physical effort.

Requirements of the machine:

  • Automatization of the process
  • Direction change of rotation
  • Length measurement of the rewound sealing
  • Tension regulation during the process
  • Easily removeable with transport castors

 System description:  First of all, the operator has to put on an empty and a full sealing spool on the intended spool holders. Then the employee grabs the end of the full sealing spool, pulls it through the whole machine and attaches it on the empty spool. Thereby the sealing goes through several devices, which are needed to fulfil the Requirement of the machine.
At a control panel the operator is able to control the whole machine and switch between automatic mode or manual mode. During the rewinding process, the employee is also able to leave the machine and because of a signal light he always knows in which state the machine is situated.