Graduation year

2014 / 2015


Stöttner Anna (private)



Stöttner David


Schönberger Daniel

Supervising tutors

Stockinger Thomas

Stockinger Thomas

Brandl Rudolf

Brandl Rudolf

Project description

Our customer had to manually carry firewood, which she required to heat the wood-burning stove in her kitchen and a tiled stove in the living room, from the cellar to the ground floor with the aid of baskets.
Bearing in mind the age of the customer, this was an arduous and tiring task. Our task was to shorten the transport route and ease the amount of manual labour.
Due to the unsuitable dimensions of the installation space available, the range of commercially available goods lifts in the market was limited and unsuitable.


The project aimed to facilitate the ease of transporting firewood from the wood store in the cellar directly into the kitchen where it was required.
The only manual workload that remained was loading the lift with wood. The stack height was limited to 1.5 meters. The lift operation was effected by two simple control panels which were positioned in the kitchen and in the cellar directly by the lift. Various safety devices ensured that a risk of injury was kept to a minimum.

The solution

The structural guide rails were constructed first and tested in the school. The installation work at the customer’s house began in mid-February.
The design and construction of the elevator shaft incurred the largest financial expense and was fabricated and installed with the assistance of the customer’s brother.
The installation and assembly was completed in mid-April. All safety devices functioned properly and the lift functioned as intended from start-up and has operated reliably since installation.

Functional description

The project consists of a fully operational cable driven lift designed to primarily transport firewood from cellar to living area.
The lift drive is performed by a commercially available electric winch. The winch cable is directed by means of several guide pulleys to the transport carriage onto which it is securely attached.
The fall arrester (emergency brake) is fitted directly to the carriage and is connected to the drive cable. If the cable should break, this device will be activated and prevents the platform from crashing down.
The guide structure has been fixed to the walls, the ceiling and the concrete foundation of the cellar.
The loading bay also serves for lateral guidance of the unit and is firmly supported by a wooden structure.