Graduation year

2015 / 2016


Firma ÖKOFen



Asenbaum Matthias


Baschinger Johannes


Kehrer Christian

Neundlinger Lukas

Neundlinger Lukas


Radler Alexander

Supervising tutor

Wurm Johannes

Wurm Johannes

Project description

Ökofen is a producer of wood pellet heating systems mainly for private houses. They sell over 6000 of these each year. The size of the units can vary between 5kW and 56kW depending on the application.

They need to package the furnace in order to prevent damage during transport. Therefore a wooden framework is assembled around the furnace package. This framework consists of four sub-frames which are supplied by an external company and then manually put together.
The employee has to package up to 50 furnaces daily. The packaging process is quite complicated and time consuming when done alone.

Our goal was to design and develop a system that saves time and makes it more convenient for the employee by automating the process as much as possible.
The machine should package different unit-sizes without changing tools and it is supposed to be flexible as well to add new furnace designs in the future.

We developed a unit that consists of two roll conveyors and a turntable ,which is mounted on a lifting table. This allows the employee to package several furnaces in a row, in less time with less effort.
Furthermore, as an optional feature we included an automatic plastic foil wrapping unit. If used the plastic foil in combination with edge protectors should substitute the wooden frame. So far this method has only been used for one special type of furnace and only manually.

The whole system needed to be implemented into an existing framework, which required major modifications of the steel structure.

At the end we had to do an economic efficiency calculation. Based on these calculations Ökofen unfortunately decided not to realize the project under the current circumstances.