Graduation year

2015 / 2016


Jürgen Riener



Löffler Dominik


Nösslböck Lukas


Grubhofer Thomas


Peherstorfer Peter

Supervising tutors

Thomas Stockinger klein

Stockinger Thomas

Kaufmann Gerhard

Kaufmann Gerhard

Project description

The aim of our project is, to improve the project “Model car Storage” from 2010/11 by Adrian Aistleitner, Markus Hofer and Andreas Pröll for Mr. Riener Jürgen. In the last couple of years it turned out that there were a lot of problems with the project and things didn’t work properly so our teachers came to the conclusion to revise the project.

The first and biggest problem was the motor as it didn’t have enough power to lift all the 250 cars. Our solution was to solve the problem with a sprocket wheel and two gear couplings. By solving the problem this way the engine can be operated at a normal frequency range so it is able to carry the weight easily.

The next problem was the positioning of the wagons. The sensors on each wagon didn’t work properly, which meant that it always stopped at a wrong position. It also was not exact enough so there were problems when someone wanted to pull out a car-holder. Our solution is an encoder which counts the rotation of the engine and finds the right position of any wagon.

Last but not least we have revised the safety devices because the machine was not secure enough. The problem was that the engine wouldn’t stop if the glass case is opened. Our solution was a roller lever switch which interrupts the engine when the door is open.

The user interface also needed to be reworked, as there were also a lot of problems. All the cars were stored in a text-file which doesn’t make a lot of sense. For our new program we are using a database which can easily be edited by the user. This also makes everything a lot more stable and reliable.