• You want to be an automation engineer

    Our students should bring an interest in technology and machinery and the pleasure derived from tinkering and creating. The training provides you with the skills required to be successful. “Do it yourself” is our motto here at the HTL Neufelden. We know how important it is to combine theory and practice. To not only have knowledge but also be able to apply it practically, that is the difference!

  • What do you learn in the various subjects?

    Construction and Project management

    Nowadays every machine that is built must first be constructed with a computer. For this purpose, you must either design your own components or import standard parts from libraries and combine them step by step to create the model in the computer.
    The next step is to analyse the machine in 3D on the screen in front of you and once everything finally fits, you can construct it in the workshop.

    Technical mechanics and calculations

    Hopefully your machine has been designed to withstand considerable loads! To avoid any unpleasant surprises you will hopefully have made the necessary calculations during the planning and design phases. We’ll show you which formulas to use and how to apply them and which components are suitable for the applications you have in mind.

    Manufacturing engineering

    The next step is to turn your design into reality. You now have the opportunity to use the modern equipment at your disposal in the workshops and to learn which possibilities the various tools offer. In addition, we have also planned excursions to production plants, where you can see for yourself what modern industrial manufacturing processes have to offer.
    Later on when you have found employment in industry, you will no longer have to manufacture your own designs, your experience on the shop floor will help you to better understand the manufacturing processes and your designs will be better as a result of this.

    Machines and Plants

    Here you’ll learn which equipment and machinery is used within the confines of a larger facility and how they are best positioned to work together.

    Automation technology

    Automation technology will help you breathe “life” into your machine.
    You will learn how to attach sensors (so that your machine can provide data), install drive units, cables and electrical components and most importantly: you will learn how to write a programme, so that the machine will do exactly what you want it to.

    Robotics and process control data processing

    Robots have become indispensable in modern manufacturing processes. Perhaps you are familiar with the images from the production line in the modern automobile industry?
    We’ll show you here in the HTL Neufelden, how these robots work and how they are programmed.
    Nowadays we can say; without computers nothing would function in automation technology. Our tuition will give you a deeper insight into the field of process data processing which is required to smoothly run an industrial company.
    You will get to see how many computers and networks are at work.

    Laboratories, Workshops and manufacturing technology

    Learning by doing” is now the order of the day here. You will have the opportunity to put into practice all the theory you have learnt in class and to finally create your own design.
    You can, for example: manufacture your own components, adjust and operate equipment, rewire a complex facility, program an industrial control unit, and much, much more.

    Syllabus timetable

  • Where do Automation engineers work?

    Many of our former students and graduates are now employed in industry, working in the fields of development, construction and project management. Their job is, together with the customer, to develop solutions, make construction drawings and supervise the design and final production. A sound knowledge of project management is the basis to help you implement and manage large industrial projects.

    Automation engineers are also employed in the field of control technology.
    Their job is to install the control systems and write the software for industrial applications.

  • Automation engineers acquire the following professional qualifications with their HTL education:

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    More details can be found here: www.gewerbeordnung.at