Modern Tools and teaching methods guarantee the quality and practical relevance of our education

Interesting lessons, full of variety are an important part of our training.
Going to school should be fun as well as educational.Interesting lessons, full of variety are an important part of our training.
Going to school should be fun as well as educational.

Translating theoretical knowledge into practical experience is one of the focal points of our educational programme. We have therefore ensured that modern state-of-the-art equipment and tools are available in the areas of manufacturing, automation and information processing for exactly this purpose.
Our schools’ ongoing cooperation with business and industry, especially with our former graduates, is designed to ensure the relevance and practicality of the vocational training which – combined with numerous excursions – provides our students with their first insight into working life.
The tuition provided here in the HTL Neufelden is more than just a transfer of knowledge from teacher to student. We view the acquisition of knowledge as an obligation which each student should actively pursue be it during theory lessons, the exercises in the laboratories and workshops – whether alone or in a team – independently organising and developing tasks and projects.

Dedication and commitment define our work ethic.

Constructive criticism is the impulse which spurs us on.
Its most important prerequisite is the feedback from our pupils

The fields of automation technology and computer business sciences are subject to a constant change of themes, contents and methods. A dedication, commitment and willingness to learn are required, from the teachers as well as the pupils.
The only way we can respond to this diversity of information is through committed teamwork and this enables us to provide our students with an interesting, well-rounded and competitive training profile.
Our teamwork is characterised by a dynamic vitality which forms the basis for the enjoyment of our work. We place great value on allowing an open dialogue between pupils, teachers and parents. This enables us to establish a clear set of principles for our students to follow.

Vocational training in an atmosphere of tolerance and respect.

Trust, acceptance and mutual respect for the opinions of others reminds us that human relationships are at the heart of all our endeavours.

Determination combined with a common sense of purpose and a willingness to communicate with one another together with a flexible approach in decision-making and organisational issues are the defining characteristics of our school. Parents can be confidently assured that our motivated students are in good hands with the teaching staff here at our school.
Evaluation and appraisal is a fact of life in our modern society and our school system. We continuously strive to provide a fair assessment of our students’ performance on the basis of clear and comprehensible rules.

High demands and high rewards.

An eagerness to learn combined with personal commitment and hard work are the foundation for coping with new challenges.

The pace of modern-life places greater demands on all of us, increased flexibility, productivity and work quality are called for, this in turn has a direct influence upon the routine of school life. Teachers and students alike are called upon to face these challenges and master them.
The development of a person’s individual qualities as well as a constant readiness to educate oneself forms the basis of our extensive curriculum and assures a richly varied school life.
In this way the school day remains an important and interesting part of life for both students and teachers which continually challenges the intellect and even with the passing of time does not threaten to become part of the daily routine.

A general education within the field of technology.

Someone who claims to understand nothing but chemistry doesn’t even understand that properly! (Georg Christoph Lichtenberg)

These two concepts do not necessarily constitute a contradiction in terms.
We make a special effort to develop the communicative skills of our students and to promote a critical awareness in their relationship with media, to arouse their interest in literature and languages as well as to awaken in interest in art and cultural heritage both at home and abroad which we try to underline through our international contacts. Moreover we seek to develop a sense of civic responsibility in the young people towards democracy and in preserving the values it represents.
Modern teaching methods which take conflict resolution mechanisms into account and which place an emphasis on partner and group work help us to achieve these objectives, along with instruction in presentation techniques combined with the simultaneous use of modern media all play an essential role in promoting the independence of our students.