Graduation year

2020 / 2021


ALOM Manufaktur Haslach/ HTL-Neufelden



Hofbauer Daniel


Pröll Richard


Zimmermann Fabian

Supervising tutors

Felhofer Hubert

Felhofer Hubert

Project description

The ALOM Manufaktur Haslach produces woven sheep’s wool carpets. For the weaving process a werf material, which is a thumb-thick smooth yarn called “drawstring”, is needed. This drawstring consists of a wool wrapped yarn core which is made up of two to three yarn fibres. To produce the drawstring, the carding machine wraps the wool fleece around the yard core producing an untwisted drawstring. This untwisted drawstring is then conveyed to the twisting unit where a metal sheet, fixed in a rotating hollow shaft, twists the wool fleece around the yarn core increasing the strength of the drawstring. Then, the drawstring is passing over a deflection roller to the conveying unit where it is pressed on the conveying wheel by a spring-pretensioned pulley. In the next step, a so-called “star-pulley” stops the spin of the drawstring regulating its strength. As a result of the rotation of the conveying wheel and the friction between the wheel and the drawstring, the drawstring is moved, passing over a second deflection roller, to the coiling machine, where it is then coiled on a wooden quill.

The strength of the drawstring can be regulated by varying the rotation speeds of the twisting and the conveying units.


  • Construction of a replacement-machine
  • Preservation of the basic functions
  • Drive via electric motors
  • building area: 500x500mm
  • consider dusty environment
  • stepless motor-speed control
  • easy operation via control panel
  • preparation for CE certification