Graduation year

2017 / 2018




2018-D20-Lauß Daniel

Lauß Daniel

2018-D20-Preinfalk Florian

Preinfalk Florian

2018-D20-Barth Ingrid

Barth Ingrid

Supervising tutors

Grömer Herbert

Grömer Herbert

Project description

Augmented Reality is a relatively new technology that allows the user to augment their surroundings by adding holograms of 3D objects or animations.

This technology can be used in many types of industrial applications, for example by displaying additional information or hidden parts of machines and their properties as holograms next to the real-world object. The user should then have a clear overview of the machine, its individual parts and its functionality, facilitating the service and maintenance of machines tremendously.

The aim of this project is to write an application for the Microsoft HoloLens that can display certain additional information to machines in the form of holograms. The Microsoft HoloLens is a pair of mixed-reality glasses specifically designed for the use of Augmented Reality.

The application is able to recognize the real-world object independent of the user’s environment or point of view and then display the desired information at the right place. The user should then be able to interact with the holograms via gestures and, if desired, expand the information. The required data can be preconfigured in a web application specifically created for this purpose. The application will then download the data automatically.