Graduation year

2020 / 2021


Mobile-Wärme-Systeme Sonderinstallationen / Siegfried Niederleitner



Lindbichler Florian


Rabeder Moritz


Rathmayr Manuel


Wögerbauer Rafael

Supervising tutors

Bernhard Steffen

Bernhard Steffen

Project description

The company “Mobile-Wärme-Systeme Sonderinstallationen” has approached us with the request to produce a machine that mills joints for underfloor heating into the floor. Our main task was to guarantee that the milling cutter is suitable for any type of floor. Since there was no such device on the market, the machine had to be developed from scratch.

The gap depth can be adjusted by using a seesaw and an electric cylinder. The cylinder can be easily controlled from the control panel, which is attached to the handle. The advantage of this is that you can adjust the depth during the milling process.

In order to emit as little dust as possible, a separate suction unit has been designed. To cover the gap between the cover and the floor, fine bristles were placed around the cover.

A drive is installed to guarantee a uniform cut and to reduce the physical load on the operator. These are two DC motors, which can be controlled individually at the control panel. This is necessary to ensure a bleached curve.