Graduation year

2013 / 2014


Hauptschule St. Martin im Mühlkreis



Eckerstorfer Anita


Gruber Angelika


Grünberger Alice

Supervising tutor

Oberaigner Günther

Oberaigner Günther

OPPIA – Education Platform

OPPIA is an online learning platform, designed for the use of the local St. Martin Secondary School. OPPIA was designed to be used by the pupils both at home and in the classroom.
For this reason, ease of use and operation of this on-line platform where the most important functions to be taken into consideration in achieving the goal of the project.
The management of the data is via a MySQL database which the project team created themselves.

The project was divided into two specific areas:

The administration area, this was primarily designed for the use of the teachers who can create accounts for pupils and assign them to the classes. Additionally, the teachers can create compartments with specific topics and share them with the classes. The topics include subject specific questions generated by the teachers. These questions can later be summarised and included in tests by the teachers and these tests can also be assigned to specific classes. This information provides the teachers with an overview of the pupils’ progress and a summary of test results.

The second area within the platform is intended for the use of the pupils of St. Martins Secondary School. Here they have the option of practicing answering questions using a flashcard as preliminary to taking a test. Furthermore, the platform provides them with an overview of all the subjects they have completed and allows them to view the results of the tests they have completed.