Graduation year

2017 / 2018


Karl Hofer Gemüseverarbeitungs KG (Standort in Hartkirchen)


20108-5BAT-Julian Jäger

Jäger Julian

20108-5BAT-Florian Mittermair

Mittermair Florian

20108-5BAT-David Kellerer

Kellerer David

20108-5BAT-Simon Peherstorfer

Peherstorfer Simon

Supervising tutors

Thomas Stockinger klein

Stockinger Thomas

Project description

The company Karl Hofer Gemüseverarbeitungs KG from Hartkirchen employs 15 qualified employees and is active in the field of vegetable cultivation and vegetable processing. Its customers include bakeries, restaurants, hospitals and system restaurants.

Manfred Jäger came up with the idea of working on a diploma thesis with the company Karl Hofer Gemüseverarbeitungs KG. At a meeting with the project supervisor, the company happily agreed to work with the project team to design and manufacture a potato slicer. Johann Gschwendtner was introduced to us at another meeting with the client. He has been supporting Karl Hofer for several years now in the development and production of machines for vegetable processing (tomato and haulm cutter, onion peeling machine, etc.). Mr. Gschwendtner was immediately enthusiastic about the new project and asked us to support us on our way to the finished plant.

In the design and manufacturing process, it was necessary to comply with the applicable norms and standards for food safety in order not to influence the quality of the products processed with the machine.

By the end of the school year 2016/17 our final concept was finalized and we could start with the mechanical calculation and construction. At the beginning of December, the construction was so far advanced that we could start with the electrical planning. At the end of October, the mechanical construction was completed and we started production. After the electrical planning was completed in mid-January, the electrical installation was started. In mid-March, we were able to complete both the mechanical production and the electrical installation, and test operation was started. After some fine adjustments of the system, normal operation started in the following week.