Graduation year



Firma Eisenbeiss GmbH, Enns


Hofinger Christoph

Raab Martin

Reiter Robert

Supervising tutor

Kiesl Walter

Kiesl Walter

Project brief

To develop software for EISENBEISS Ltd. in Enns which was capable of checking transmission gear shafts for signs of fatigue.
The sustainability calculation should conform to four calculating standards and the final results should be available as a printout.


The objective was to develop a programme which allowed the user to check the strength of a transmission gear shaft quickly and efficiently by only entering a few important parameters.

Project development

  • Consultation with the client to define the requirements of the software
  • Study of technical literature and standards
  • Creating the software structure with considerations of variants of individual modules
  • Initial draft of calculation sequence and the user interface
  • Implementation of tables and diagrams (material data, notch factors, etc.)
  • Implementation of the standards in the software
  • Create software safeguards
  • Initial test run followed by improvements
  • Presentation of results

Programme description

The user can select the type and size of the shaft and enter the desired calculation position.

The geometries of the shafts are pre-defined in accordance with Eisenbeiss factory standards.
All table values are automatically read from the database.
The number, position and size of the additionally attached wheels or intervening wheels can be individually defined by the user.
The software checks the shaft at the position specified and calculates the strength and durability.
The resulting calculations can be seen in the program window and a printout of the report summary made.