Graduation year

2011 /2012


Heeresleistungs- und  Olympiazentrum Linz



Atzmüller Thomas


Lehner Hubert

Supervising tutor


Furtmüller Werner

Training schedule creation and evaluation system for the sports performance centre - Linz-Gugl

The development of training schedules for cross-country skiers of the Austrian Skiing Team had, up until now, been done by hand. The data compiled by this complex system was unfortunately unwieldy and difficult to use effectively.

The objective of this project was to develop an application which would allow the coaches to create graphic representations of detailed training plans; each tailored to suit the specific requirements of the individual athletes. The user interface was purposely designed with a clearly arranged and intuitive structure to ensure ease of use and operation, this ensured the creation of training schedules of variable intensity and duration was a simple and straightforward process.

The software provided extensive reporting features with the opportunity to compare the nominal and actual training sessions. Each training plan created is stored in a database and can be retrieved to create new plans. An important detail was the inclusion of a function allowing data to be transferred from the old system into the new.

The software offers the following features:

– Management of training equipment and methods employed (i.e.: bike, running, etc.)
– Management of individual athletes master data
– Graphic representation of training schedules
– Display of statistical data from the training schedules
– Possibility of merging individual schedules together to create a combined plan
– Ability to print-out training schedules in a clear and compact form