Graduation year

2020 / 2021


Combeenation GmbH, 4152 Sarleinsbach



Greinecker Marcel


Hofer Sebastian


Prammer Daniel

Supervising tutors

Stimpfl Gernot

Stimpfl Gernot

Project description

A platform is to be developed on which web-based product configurators from Combeenation can be presented. The main purpose is sales support and as a demonstration for training courses.

The website is currently used by sales staff to present configurator projects to potential customers. Currently, however, this is only a static HTML + Javascript page and not maintenance friendly. New configurators have to be entered by developers. In addition, no certificate is stored and no value was placed on performance (e.g. caching).

The new solution should enable the sales department to maintain the site itself. For this purpose, Combeenation employees should be able to log in (via Azure Active Directory).

The admins can manage the configurators to be displayed in a management view. The sales department would like to group the configurators into collections (example: “3D” – contains all 3D configurators, “Industry” – contains all configurators that are industry-specific, …).

  • Collections should be able to be created manually and have a unique name, description and image.
  • Collections should be accessible via[collection-name]. When accessed in this way, it will display the configurators stored in it.
  • Collections can also be password protected; in which case the collection can only be viewed with a previously set password.
  • A configurator entry in the collection itself contains the link to the configurator with which it is subsequently integrated via iFrame, as well as an example image.

During the implementation, value should be placed on security and correctness, since some configurators may not be displayed publicly. The management portal should be designed to be simple and “mobile-friendly” and it should be possible to use it without training. The entire solution will later be provided via Azure.