Graduation year

2020 / 2021





Fröhlich Tobias


Nigl Felix


Springer Fabian

Supervising tutors

Bernhard Steffen

Bernhard Steffen

Project description

After our technical college acquired a new modern industrial robot, the ABB IRB 14000, also called YuMi, the robotics laboratory should get expanded. The expansion includes a transportable housing for the YuMi, as well as a reconstruction of the already existing housing for our second robot, the ABB IRB 140. In order to make a cooperation between the two industrial robots possible, a superior programmable logic controller, or PLC, needed to be implemented. The goal of this project is to provide a better educational environment for students of the technical college in Neufelden and furthermore display the abilities of modern industrial robots.

Both constructions should be as transportable as possible, for easier transportation in case of presentations or exhibitions in different places. A requirement for cooperation is the possibility to attach the housings together. After studying the fundamentals of robot coding, we should be able to develop a program, which lets the robots work together on solving a Rubik’s cube.

A high degree of discipline and motivation was required to create a coding-environment that meets the requirements. Due to the transportability, both constructions can be used versatilely. A superior PLC communicates with both robots and enables their cooperation.