Graduation year

2020 / 2021


HTL Neufelden



Reiter Simon

Supervising tutors


Wurm Bernhard

Project description

The aim of this thesis is to answer the following research question: Is it possible to use software to make supplier hours in schools digital, simple and beneficial for students and teachers? To answer this question, the user requirements of administrators, teachers and students for such an application have been defined.

This digital support software allows a convenient creation of courses by importing student and teacher data using a csv file. The administrators are represented by one or more teachers. They can create, edit or delete user accounts. Performing a semester change in the system is another administrator requirement. An assistant helps teachers create student tasks (referred to as specification), and it is also possible to flexibly insert images and tables through an editor. The task can be assigned to the respective class, group or individual pupils indefinitely before the supplier lesson. The pupils receive the same task, but with different numbers and thus different results. This will be primarily applicable to subjects with mathematical specifications. In these subjects, this software also automatically evaluates and compares the results of the pupils` tasks. The statistical evaluation of student results in the form of line and bar charts is an essential component. The performance of the pupils per task and the percentage of performance per group, subject and task are presented. It also shows the time it takes for the task solution to complete.