Graduation year

2015 / 2016


Fa. Gahleitner



Baumgartner Simon

GahleitnerTobias Andreas

Gahleitner Tobias


Stelzer Lukas

Supervising tutor

Stimpfl Gernot

Stimpfl Gernot

Heating Configurator

This programme is designed to assist potential customers, to give them the opportunity to gain an overview of the variety of heating systems available and to help them select an appropriate system prior to consultation with the heating installation company. After entering the information regarding the heating system required and the building data, the software will provide a rough estimate of; purchase cost, energy consumption and the associated operating costs. If this rough calculation meets the expectations of the customer, they can request their local plumber heating provide them with a full cost proposal.

The programme was designed to be flexible and easy to use. Even people who had no previous experience of heating systems should be quickly able to find a solution which suited their personal requirements.


The system was programmed as a web application so that it could, independent of the device used and without prior installation be simply called up using a web browser. The user interface was designed to be flexible and adapted for use on smartphones, tablets or a normal PC.
To ensure the calculations resulted in a realistic price estimate, the local fitting company, Gahleitner in Neufelden provided us with a product database which included the information regarding the most important components of a heating system and the relevant prices.
The energy consumption was calculated on the basis of local information used in conjunction with building structure analyses. This provided us with the subsequent operating cost calculation results.

The software consisted of two modules which are interdependent with each other, the first provides the customer with the estimation with they can inform themselves regarding the different heating systems available and compare the differences on offer. It provides them with the possibility of comparing different configurations so that they can make an objective decision on the basis of criteria such as purchase and operating costs when finally choosing a suitable heating system.

The Heating Configurator can provide the customer, once the options provided have been reviewed and a selection has been made, with a cost proposal upon request.