Day 1:
On Monday we flew from Munich Airport to Dublin Airport. After that, we were picked up by our host families and enjoyed the rest of the day. ✈️ 🌤️

Day 2:
We began the day with a city tour, immersing ourselves in Dublin’s vibrant culture. From historic streets to lively markets, we captured the essence of this incredible city. In the afternoon we attended English courses. 🇮🇪 🍀 🏫 📚

Day 3:
On our third day we visited Dalkey Castle, where we were taken on a journey through time, with captivating stories told by some very historical characters. 🏹 🏰

Day 4:
On our fourth day of our language trip we strolled around the breathtaking cliffs of Howth. 🤩⛰️
In the evening we went to Shelbourne park and watched the greyhound races. This has definitely been a unique and entertaining event for us. 🦮

Day 5:
On the fifth day we got the chance to chatch a glimpse of how Irish whiskey is produced by Teeling whiskey distillery. Sadly we weren‘t allowed to taste any because of our young age (unfortunately in Ireland the legal drinking age is 18). 🥃🔞

Day 6:
On Saturday we took a journey through the history of Ireland at the jail of Wicklow (Wicklow Gaol) where we learned about the impact of that specific jail and the process of the Irish revolution in the 18th and 19th century. The jail is also known as the most haunted place in Ireland due to the vicious activities which took place at that time.
The second stop was at Glendalough which is Gaelic (Irish) and means valley of two lakes in English. We were able to enjoy a breathtaking view at the monastery, which was founded by St. Kevin in the 6th century. The architectural wonders like the 33m high roundtower and the two stunning lakes were fantastic sights to visit on the last day of our voyage through Ireland.